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What's Up Doc?

I’m at that age where little health problems creep up and with the last year and half of Covid restrictions, regular check- ups and health needs were pretty neglected. New Mexico was pretty frustrating for health care. No sooner was I assigned a doctor then they’d quit and move on to another state. I felt there was no continuity in my health care. In the past I had blood clots in my leg and they left my leg discolored . Every doctor has kind of looked at it, shuddered, then changed the topic. So I’ve found a new doctor here, and went back to something that saved my life in Hawaii. It’s called Concierge medicine. A concierge doctor has less patients than a regular health practice. Its because you pay a monthly membership fee for that privilege.

That fee gets you immediate appointments, great, responsive referrals, quick telemedicine and a lot more time with a doctor to really know you and understand your personal health challenges. They help you set health goals and monitor your progress. For me this has been worth it. I also hate when doctors just prescribe meds without taking your whole well being into consideration. This practice knows there’s a correlation between your mental health, daily routines, diet, and lifestyle and integrates them as one functioning unit.

Many Concierge practices do not take health insurance. I guess they figure if you can afford them, you can afford the care. Mine is not like that. My doctor believes you’ve worked hard all your life and paid into the Medicare system, so you should be able to use it.

They accept Medicare and supplementary insurance and are extra careful to medically code what they see you for.

The first visit with my new doc was 2 hours long, going over my prior health history, my family health history, and checking vitals. Now I have a handful of referrals and a couple tests to follow up on, before I go back in a month. I’m so glad I made this choice and finally feel cared for instead of just another 15 min slot on a clinics schedule.

Have you received good health care where you live?

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