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In the Flow

Have you ever thought about where you live and how that can accelerate or impede your life?

I have always been fascinated with Astro-cartography or astro relocation charting. Supposedly, based on our astral birth chart we align with different power places that can transform us in both positive and negative ways. I am living with the concept of that right now, but I never had the location charted.

Recently I moved to southern Arizona after 2 years in Texas. Texas was not a choice I made because I really had a desire to live there. I was in New Mexico in 2020 when Covid hit and shut our business down. I really was not sure what was going to happen at that point, it all seemed surreal at the time.

I moved from Hawaii in 2015 due to the prohibitive cost of living there. After 20 years housing felt like such a continuous struggle there, and although I started and grew my chocolate business there, it was not without pain or challenges as well. Now I was faced with the unplanned closing of my business and affording a place in NM with no income. I had been self-employed since 2003.

I chose at the time to go to Texas to assist the elderly aunt and uncle of a close friend who were having some serious health challenges. I lived in their guest house for a year, cooking their meals, and taking them to doctor appts, whatever was needed at the time. It gave me relief from rent and a chance to process the radical change that just took place.

During that time, I became more interested in tiny houses and learned of a new tiny house community NW of Austin in Liberty Hill, Texas. I decided to take the last of my funds and buy a tiny house. It was about a 6-month waiting list to have one built. It was a crazy time for tiny houses as Covid had created shortages of building materials and labor. Costs increased in just the 6 months of build time, and no one would commit to a definitive price.

Eventually, the home was completed, the tiny arrived and I settled into a new life in Liberty Hill. Texas was not really my cultural cup of tea, but I figured I would continue to try and make a life there. I was missing the arts and the close relationships Id had with friends in New Mexico. We were in a semi-rural location which made every trip to the grocery store or doctor at least a 15- mile one way trip. Some things there seemed quite difficult- finding a way to make and sell my chocolates, finding a Nephrologist which I needed for my own health challenge, finding things to do close by. I joined a Rec center, but it was a 45 min drive one way and the price of gas was not cheap. Going to the Botanical Garden or an event in Austin felt like a driving nightmare. It is a poorly designed city in terms of transportation. I did find a class in Mosaic tiles, but I had to drive through Austin to a town on the opposite side, an almost 1 ½ drive one way which was not sustainable. I was not unhappy there, but I was not thriving the way I envisioned my “retired life “to be.

After much soul searching, a brutal 4-day ice storm and much research I decided to sell my tiny house and move yet again. Of course, people were surprised- “but you just got there!” they exclaimed. Your point? I thought.

Why settle for mediocre? I had no obligations, or family to compromise my decisions. So, I put my house for sale expecting it might take a bit to sell. I sold my house in three weeks. Now it was time to hustle to move. I had no definitive place to go, just a town, Green Valley, In Arizona. My friend and former business partner Derek helped me pack the U-Haul and drive there. Once there, I put everything in a 10x10 storage unit. Derek flew home and I drove back to Albuquerque to visit friends for the next 3 weeks while I kept my eye on property listings in Green Valley. As I headed back to Tucson a day early, something popped up on the MLS. Rather than stay in the White Mountains of Arizona as planned I drove to Green Valley right away. My real estate agent was able to show me the property that same day and I made an offer on it. 2 days later it was accepted. I now had 30 days to drift around. I camped at the Grand Canyon, went to Sedona, and stayed in several AIRBNB places in distinct parts of Tucson while the paperwork and financing process was completed.

Finally, Oct 6th I moved in. The place is exactly what I wanted. It is a 1964 single level condo, Spanish style, that has been mostly remodeled head to toe. Not only is the condo what I wanted, it is located within the complex where I wanted it- close to grass and tree filled roundabout parks, 1 block to the pool and set back from the parking lot. The patio faces East with a mountain view and morning sun. Of course, a few tweaks to make it my own- new paint colors and some minor repairs and I will re-do the patio at some point with raised beds for flowers and plants.

Since I have been here, I met 2 of my neighbors and I am delighted. We will be having wine tomorrow on their patio. One lives here full time, the other is a snowbird from Colorado. Also, an artist on the Green Valley Facebook page reached out and we will be meeting shortly. I got introduced to Monsoon Chocolate in Tucson through a mutual industry friend and am working on the details to begin doing factory tours and tastings a few times a week in their facility. Chocolate community! Yes!

The Mayo Clinic in Phoenix has a Center of Excellence for the rare health issue I have so I will be going there for care by Nephrologists that understand the condition and have the latest treatment protocols.

Santa Theresa is a creative mosaic tile company in Tucson. I will be taking their 6 days intensive tilemaking class in November. It is an easy 25 min drive to downtown Tucson on the interstate. I also found a group to play Ukuleles with on Mondays and have 13 rec centers to choose from for fitness, classes, and a clay studio available within a mile or two.

Things are falling into place so easily here I am pinching myself.

Join the conversation. Has an environmental change in your life moved the needle, in home, work or both? Are you in a personal flow state somewhere? If no, what is holding you back?

I read a quote recently that procrastination is a form of arrogance. It assumes God will give you another chance to do tomorrow what he has given you the chance to do today.

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