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Stepping into the Unknown

Well we are getting closer to moving day. I’ve decided to move to Green Valley, Az. This location 20 miles South of Tucson is at 3000’ elevation, so a bit cooler. It is surrounded by mountains and beautiful Sonoran desert with its big saguaro cactus. The town of Green Valley is primarily a “retirement” area, focused on recreation. It’s population is about 23, 000. Some of that population are snowbirds coming from all over the US , Canada and beyond.

It has a unique feature called the Green Valley Recreation Center, which is actually 13 centers. Membership to these facilities is in your deed. Once your property has this provision you pay a low annual fee, about $40/mo to use the facility. They have pickleball, tennis, racquetball, weight rooms and machines, 13 pools and water sports from synchronized swimming to water aerobics, and of course yoga, martial arts fitness classes etc. Beyond being like a YMCA on steroids though is it operates a virtual community college worth of classes, free films, lectures, live performances, cards and games and clubs you can get involved with. There are state of the art studios for woodworking, lapidary and pottery and they even operate a member gift shop to showcase what people are making. The town also has 10 golf courses, a large library, a cinema and shopping for most of your basic needs. If you need a bigger “city fix” Tucson is ½ hour away and full of shopping, museums, botanical gardens, etc. Also in the area is historic Tubac, an arts center , Saguaro National Park, Madera Canyon wilderness area and Mexico.

I will be leaving Texas on August 5th. Loading my stuff in a UHAUL trailer and taking it to storage facility in Green Valley because I don’t yet have a place to live. I have an appointment August 8th at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix to learn more about my rare kidney disease and the latest treatments, as well as get some local doctor referrals. Green Valley has a lot of health facilities and a hospital as it serves an aging population, as does the University of AZ in Tucson. I wanted to be closer to the health care I need. Texas was challenging in that respect as my community was fairly rural.

So now some decisions await. I am looking at purchasing a small single level condo in Green Valley. so I’ll be touring some properties while I’m there. The current housing market is a bit of a concern with volatile rates . I did find a credit union that has reasonable closing costs. I won’t be borrowing a huge sum because I’ll be rolling over the sale of my tiny home to the new property.

Hopefully there will be enough inventory to make some choices. The condos were built in 1964 and are in various states of remodel needs. I love the character of things from that era, and am willing to replace flooring or make kitchen improvements. The units are only 588 or 696 sf, plus a decent outdoor patio, so still staying pretty tiny which I prefer.

What if I don’t find a place to make an offer on? Therein lies the big decision. Do I get a short term (expensive) furnished rental for 3 months? Stay in an apartment complex on a 6 month lease? Sign a 1 year lease and wait to see what the market does? There is speculation that prices might drop, but interest rates may still go up.

But I really need to be settled in somewhere, making friends and addressing health needs, so don’t really want too much moving . There aren’t many affordable rentals in Green Valley so that would mean staying in Tucson. Not a bad city but I wasn’t really wanting a city vibe. I am just having to put my faith into the right things appearing and working out. My life’s mantra is “ things work out for me” . And they do typically. Way more than not, so stepping into the unknown and I am both excited and a bit terrified. I do know that a return to the Southwest is right and where my heart is. Many states are beautiful with their greenery, lakes , oceans etc but the artistic nature so prevalent in the SW really speaks to me and something I have missed.

Will there be chocolate? I am hoping there will be! I will continue to make seasonal chocolates but have also considered working part time for a chocolate co in Tucson called Monsoon, if they can use some help. Most of all I would like to run my educational workshops again. We shall see how it all plays out. I had to give away my bulk chocolate due to heat during travel, but I still have my tools, boxes and chocolate grinders.

Green Valley is really no hotter than where I am in Texas, but has far less humidity and a milder winter. I bought Lillie some doggy sock boots to protect her feet and a cooling mat to lay on.

I will be glad to leave all the sharp stickers that are here. The condo complex has grassy parks and 65 landscaped acres .

Wish me luck!

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Jul 25, 2023

Melanie, wishing you luck in your move to Green Valley and good fortune in finding the right place. You have always been so resourceful and such a good planner that I believe the right home will present itself for you! I look forward to following you on your new journey! My best always, Jill.

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