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Southwest Chocolate Festival/Albuquerque

Its been over a year and a half since our March 2020 and 2021 chocolate festivals were both cancelled. It has been re-scheduled for Sept 25/26, again at Expo NM in Albuquerque but with a few changes. A portion of the booths, primarily non chocolate items, have been placed outside on “Main Street”. Our more temperature sensitive chocolate booths will remain inside, but with more space in the aisles and limited to just one room.

The festival is offering rapid tests at the door, and for anyone that takes a rapid test, you will be given $25 in $5 vouchers to spend on any products in the festival. So a free test plus money to spend sounds pretty good.

I am still nervous about participating in a an event with a lot of people. I had the J&J one shot vaccine back in March and wear a mask in public outings. Delta has been on the rise in NM though and I am in that category of folks with some vulnerable health issues. Why not just stay at home? Well, the sad reality is I need to work and earn some income. Since Covid started, It’s all been cash outflow. The coffers are dried up. So myself and numerous other “essential” workers without a safe income source have to go out in public and take risks. And the government officials in Washington worry that their “stimulus” checks were too much. They were survival checks, not stimulus. And they’re long gone but the pandemic isn’t.

I’ll have single origin 72% bars for the show- Peru, Brazil, Dominican, Hawaiian , Espresso bars and some of our drink mixes, plus a limited amount of truffles- 4 and 8 pc asst boxes and a few Chaco sets, plus mendicants- disks of chocolate with dried fruits, nuts and crystallized ginger. These are great snacks.

I’m also bringing my fun clay succulent planters available with our without plants. These are great gifts, sure to make your recipient smile. Booth 510, our usual spot.

Please come by the show if you are in the area, or send me an email at if you can’t attend but want me to ship you something.

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