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Road trip to County Line Cottages

I decided to take a road trip and visit County Line Cottages 55+ community in Liberty Hill, Tx. As the name states, County Line sits at the edge of Burnet and Williamson county. The community is on 25 acres. There are now 4 houses there, and many more lots spoken for. Like me, waiting for the production of our park models. Demand for park models has increased significantly. They are ideal vacation cottages and perfect for a single person. I have no desire to heat , cool or clean a large home . I will have 3 basic rooms plus a bathroom. Living room, kitchen and bedroom, plus about 200 sf of outdoor deck I hope to screen in at some point.

The road through County Line’s phase 1 area is now complete and I was able to walk it and look at sites. A south and east exposure is important for me. I need a light, bright space that’s cheerful in the winter and also makes a great environment for my indoor plants. I found a space with great southern exposure and behind and to the side of me, nice oak trees. My view looks out across a meadow that will be a future community garden and dog park. Right now there are deer that come into the meadow, so a garden will need fencing to protect it.

The tower is up that will help intercept fibre optic internet and the concrete pads are poured for the storage units. The four houses there are cheerful and welcoming with some nice touches to their front porches or just outside. The neighbors are excited about more people joining the community and are creating a sitting space under an oak grove for morning coffee chats.

Choosing a space has made this whole journey feel more real and I could feel the excitement.

In a couple weeks I will finalize the details of my house and the property owner gave me some good tips about installing an on demand hot water tank and a 120 gallon propane tank.

For me the burning question is still whether to have natural hickory kitchen cabinets or Blue ones. I’ll have to choose shortly as I’m scheduled for production in October.

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Kristina Casanova
Kristina Casanova
18 ago 2021

Blue cabinets sound fun!

Me gusta
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