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Reflections on 2022

As 2022 closes, all I can say is what a year. It had some very big ups and downs that’s for certain. I was finally able to move into my tiny house and I love it, but the price ended up higher with rising labor and material costs causing me to have some small debt which I was hoping to avoid. If it’s any consolation the new ones even rose higher after I got mine. I’m living in a 55+ community of 25 homes on 22 acres and that has been really nice. It’s the first place I’ve lived where I know ALL my neighbors. We are out in the country so its very peaceful and in 20 minutes you can be in a North Austin suburb of 100,000 people if so desired.

Lillie my Golden turned 10 this year. She’s slowed down a bit but can still act like a puppy and has enjoyed chasing rabbits and even some deer. Sometimes she runs, just for the sheer joy of running, but I have to be careful to curb the excess because the next day she will feel it.

Health issues took up more of 2022 than I’d like and unfortunately going forward that will be the case. I got the worst of both my parents genes and that included an incurable genetic kidney disease.

If anyone has a spare kidney I’d be happy to have it! It’s not that simple of course but looks like I will face home dialysis next year which will change travel. Did you know they are working on an artificial implantable kidney? It won’t be ready for me, but what a game changer it will be for millions who suffer from kidney failure.

I’m still doing physical therapy for an injured sternum from a car accident I incurred on my way home from a 4 day hospital stay. I was only the passenger but it’s a slow healing injury, I’m told.

All these things gave me some anxiety, making it hard to go to sleep. I discovered Solfeggio frequencies which are music tones of specific megahertz that help induce calm and healing in the brain, by activating certain brain waves. Gregorian chants are actually tuned to these frequencies. My favorites are on a You Tube Channel called Meditate with Abhi. Listening to these has improved my sleep immensely.

I’m headed to Hawaii in January to visit all my friends and hopefully squeeze in one more International trip before travel like that becomes impossible. The hard thing is choosing a destination. I’d always wanted to see the Northern lights so Iceland or even Alaska in March could be a possibility. I really hate cold but I’m told its worth it. Oaxaca, Mexico is also on my shortlist for its cuisine, art, and culture. Greece is also on that list. I have been to Greece once and I loved it. It’s a long plane ride though…

I learned a lot of new computer skills this year and hope to make an income from them next year. I was going along really well when I got derailed after Thanksgiving with health issues. So I hope , after the holidays and my trip to Hawaii to get back to it.

I am truly grateful this year for friends and family members who have been there to support me. As you get older, and if you are single, those relationships are so important.

So hold your loved ones close. Make that phone call, send that card or take time to visit someone. Those gestures make a big difference in someone’s mental health.

I have no big plans for 2023 except to get thru it with grace! Quite a switch for someone always dreaming and planning what’s next. We’ll just live each day to its fullest and be content with small victories and pleasures.

Wishing you all the best in 2023!


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