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Learning Software

When one wants to frustrate themselves you just need to try to implement some software!

I am no tech whiz but I plod my way thru website building and other techie things by being persistently frustrated. Eventually I get it but often don’t understand how. Ever feel that way?

My Shopify site for chocolate, took months to figure out and we never did feel 100% on the shipping module, even after 4 years of using it.

My placeholder, a photo of my chocolates and a brief synopsis for disappeared and somehow landed at the bottom of all the blog posts. How? No clue! It worked initially. It took about an hour of topic help and trying to get it back to the top of the page. This is WIX software and its not been the most user friendly. In any case I was able to load some of my planters from Mexico, but I am pretty certain the payment feature/shopping cart does NOT work at this point so if you see something you are interested in, let me know and we can arrange payment and shipping thru Venmo or Paypal. All these clay planters are wrapped really nicely in paper , then foam. Not a single one broke in the Fed Ex shipment from Mexico. To go priority mail from our fabulous US postal service I am padding them extra.

In any case please pardon some of the inconsistencies and non- working parts of my website while I continue to learn this software. For now, we won’t trust the shopping cart until the payment provider confirms it and I’ve tested it myself. It may be they just want me to sign up for a pay plan, which I’m not ready to do yet.

Once I’m settled into my tiny house (Dec or Jan) we’ll get more serious about making chocolate, resuming workshops and expanding my gallery collection. I have some great carved coconut shell hanging planters I’ll be adding and some coconut and wooden home goods.

Join the conversation…are you frustrated with technology? From setting up a new phone, to EXCEL or websites, where did you hit your roadblocks? My first computer ran DOS and had hard disks. The screen was green or orange. Yikes, we’ve come a long way!

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