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Holiday Prep to Afford My Tiny House

Due to the recent increase of cost for my tiny home, I’ve decided to go back to working a bit ( in addition to the cooking and errands I run for the family where I’m staying.)

Because of that obligation I needed work that is very flexible. For my own health I can no longer spend 40 hours a week working on my feet, so I’ve been searching for a good fit, and I think I found it.

I am going to be an independent contractor for Dragon Spirits Marketing. They are a brand management/marketing company and I will be one of their ambassadors. What this means is I’ll be fulfilling requests by liquor, wine and beer companies who are their clients, to set up and conduct tastings of their spirit in liquor stores, HEB grocery stores, events, trade shows or eventually even private parties.

I am paid an excellent hourly rate for a 3 hour typical demo, plus a small commission per bottle sold at the event. The three hours is perfect for not overdoing the inflammation in my bad leg, and I love telling a brand’s unique story. I can apply to as many gigs as I want in my radius of choosing. Out here in Hunt I have to drive extra no matter what but when I move to Liberty Hill there will be more opportunities and shorter drives. The company has training programs so you earn “badges” that demonstrate your knowledge of particular spirits such as whiskey, how they are made, and how to mix or sip them for the most enjoyment. You can add a little personality to your display such as a Mexican tapestry if doing Tequila or any other appropriate props. The in store party is at your demo table!

So I’m working now on getting my state Alcohol servers license and some of the brand knowledge badges. I just got my Moderna Covid booster and I’m collecting everything else I’ll need- an ice bucket, table set up, knowledge book etc. I hope to get out by Mid November to my first brand “activation” as they call it.

I’m also making some very limited plans for holiday chocolates, and I’ll be bottling my first batch of incredible Madagascar Vanilla extract. And we’ve got the fun clay face planters available for gifting as well. Please email me for how to buy any of these products and their shipping costs. We can do payment by Paypal or Venmo for the moment, and possibly Zelle shortly. Shop small as they say, it makes a difference!

My direct email is

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