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Happy Lunar New Year

It’s been a pretty mild winter in Central Texas so far. We had a 4 day cold snap over Xmas, dipping to 11 degrees at night and highs in the upper 20’s but fully rebounded to more normal temps in the mid- sixties. I wrapped my porch plants, so hopefully they all survived that freeze- Bottlebrush, herbs, daylilies, aloe. The lilies are still green! Indoors, Amaryllis are blooming!

Now we are practically rolling into February and that means Valentines Day. I am doing a limited chocolate production for Valentines inspired by the Meyer lemons I just picked from my tree. My filling on one of the truffles will be Meyer Lemon and Elderflower. Of course lots of Passionfruit. A mixed asst of other flavors, mint, salted caramel , raspberry etc.

Available this year :

12 pc heart shaped fabric box $45 plus shipping $15

15 Pc flat ribboned box $45 plus $15 shipping

8 Pc clear top ribboned box $22 plus #15 ( can fit up to 4 in box at one ship rate)

4 Pc fancy white Box $12 plus $15 shipping ( again up to 4 in a ship box)

Boxes will be shipped just a few days prior to Valentines. Payment via Paypal, Venmo, Zelle.

Let me know if you are interested. You can email me at

I just returned from Hawaii where we visited Kahuku Farms on the North Shore of Oahu. They run a wonderful tour and you get to taste various tropical fruits including cacao in the field. Their farm store has a takeout window and you can get panini’s with fresh grilled vegetables, fruit smoothies and acai bowls- (acai is the fruit of a palm tree) all the items are grown on the farm. Check it out !

I don’t make New Years resolutions but I do set intentions. On my recent trip to Hawaii I learned some exciting news regarding my particular kidney disease (Polycystic Kidney). It’s a genetic disease with no cure and we’ve always been told by doctors there’s nothing we can do about it. Well apparently there has been some breakthroughs. In 2021 SantaBarbaraNutrients introduced a product called KetoCitra. That product, combined with a modified Keto diet ( Plant focused, low/moderate protein depending on your function) has been getting results! It has shown to shrink cysts and improve kidney function. It’s not a cure but it’s hope that diayalsis

Or transplant can be delayed or avoided. The Kidney Nutrition Institute has a program to monitor the diet I am not eligible for the program because my function is lower than they want in a group setting however I can work one on one with a dietician to take KetoCitra and modify the diet as necessary to my particular needs. My current nephrologist is pretty clueless. Typical Western medicine of more drugs and no idea about nutrition or supplements . So I located a new one, recommended on their list in San Antonio and just got a referral from my primary care doctor. I hope to set up an appt and have this person monitor my labs while I take the Keto Citra product.

I have been 10 days on the specialized Keto diet now. Fortunately I like to cook and see it as a challenge. A little app on my phone calculates the fats, carbs, protein and water intake (drinking 3 litres a day) to help me stay on target. It’s not easy, and the food is a bit more limited but I’ve already created some tasty meals. An example is Enchiladas made with Outer Aisle Cauliflower sandwich thins as tortillas and the filling a healthy mix of yellow and green squash, mushrooms, onion, garlic, cheddar cheese and red chile sauce. Delicious! What an innovative product. I also learned of a pasta/rice substitute made from hearts of palm. The only other ingredients are a little sea salt and Malic acid. It’s an organic product. The downside to all this is the cost of course. These alternative products, organic produce , grass fed products, the Keto Citra and Dietician all add up.

I also joined a fabulous recreation center for only $100/yr senior rate. So at least 3 x a week we are going and getting some exercise. It’s all a great way to start the new year. Going with a neighbor keeps us more accountable.

Let’s hope 2023 brings us all some good things and not just more struggle. Stay safe everyone!

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2 comentarios

23 ene 2023

Melanie. good luck on your new and innovative nutritional journey!

Me gusta

23 ene 2023

Wishing you all the best with that new nutritional challenge. I’m sure it will help you! Glad you’re still working with chocolate. You were my first interview for MNKO!

Me gusta
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