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Ceramic Mosaics

Have you ever felt like you just needed some art in your life? I have always had artistic professions- from 28 years in the Fine jewelry industry to chocolate making, Since the pandemic and moving to Texas none of those have really been a big part of my life. Retirement without something to do can get pretty boring so I decided to pursue something that’s had my interest for a while and that’s mosaic tiles. When I lived in Hawaii I had the opportunity to tile many fireplaces at my Bed and Breakfast as well as make stepping stones. I really enjoyed the process. However with having to move so many times I never was able to keep up that momentum. Owning your own home, no matter how tiny really invites different opportunities and this is one of them. I can finally make a big mess on my porch and don’t have to worry about moving it.

A former colleague in the jewelry industry has been making a spectacular mosaic tile mural in her backyard in Albuquerque. I have been watching the progress of this mural for over a year and it consists of hundreds, if not thousands of little flowers and other objects that she has made.

I originally wanted to attend a class in Tucson, Az at Santa Theresa Tileworks in downtown Tucson, but the week long class is only offered a few times a year in Spring and Fall. The logistics to do this would require driving there, finding a place to stay for a week and also finding doggy day care or boarding for Lillie. So the costs really add up. I'd still like to go there but the class coincides this March with Spring Break so lodging is off the charts and just not do-able.

However I reached out to my jewelry colleague to ask where she learned to make all the flowers and she gave me some Facebook Groups , a link to Austin Texas artist that does mosaic classes and also invited me to come play in her studio when I come visit Albuquerque. Since I lived there for 28 years I have lots of friends there so it’s always a fun trip. And I’d break my KETO diet to eat some New Mexican food with red chile and sopapillas! Worth every carb!

Lucky for me, the Austin area artist, Aly Winningham is having a 3 day workshop towards the end of March. It only 1 hr 15 min from where I live so totally do-able. And who doesn't love a spring drive with fields of wildflowers in bloom? I’m beyond excited to create some garden art, tiles for my fireplace and behind my stovetop over time. Plus , this will introduce me to more artistic people in the community which has been sorely lacking in my life these last couple years.

Do you have an artistic hobby that brings you joy?

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