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Where are You in Your Housing Journey?

Updated: May 29, 2023

Hi everyone.

A few days ago I turned 68. Wow, where did the time go? That number seems larger than the way I feel. Oh, I have the typical aging aches and pains, but my mind is active .

As you know I tried out a part time job at Whole Foods, more for getting out of the house than for income. It didn’t work out. I cannot spend 8 hours on my feet, on a concrete surface any more. In fact anything over about 4 hrs a day is as much brain power and physical exertion that I want to muster each day. I’ve worked since I was 17. I want to enjoy some lazy time listening to music, reading a book, doing some exercise ( I’m a QiGong fan) and walking my dog.

I have multiple income streams and that one wasn’t very lucrative. I must say though, I loved being an insider and seeing how Whole Foods was really committed to quality in their products and business practices. If you can afford it…shop there. Its supports a number of great initiatives from sustainable farming to waste recycling to supporting kids in schools.

Add to that the fact I have been self employed for the last 20 years and I just can’t wrestle with having someone tell me when to eat my lunch or miss out on spontaneous plans. Maybe you feel that way too? Please read on…

I am living in a small, 55+ senior tiny home community and one thing I’ve learned is that like myself, many older people need to keep some kind of income going to support their social security checks. We have about 22 homes here and ½ of them are couples. There are very few 401 K’s, massive savings or other retirement pensions.

These are people who have worked hard in life and some are still working to be able to afford their tiny homes. Its very difficult to get a mortgage on a tiny house so you either have to pay outright, which most have, or finance it like an RV which means shorter terms and higher interest rates. This may change in the future as this become a more popular (and affordable ) way to live but I’d say at least 80 % of tiny home dwellers have forked over their savings to finance their home.

We all know social security checks have lost a lot of value recently with inflation and rising prices. While some folks have sold former houses to pay for their tiny homes outright, others have not. By no means is everyone choosing to live tiny poor, they just value other lifestyle amenities besides a giant home to maintain and a mortgage. Travel, the ability to spend time with grandchildren, to have extra money to spend on hobbies and overall flexibility are big reasons. Certainly our needs change as we get older and for some, downsizing fits the bill.

Please join the conversation ! I have a new Facebook page @chocolatehomesteader. Look for the pottery shard chocolate icon.

What about you? Where are you in your housing journey? Upsizing to take care of parents?, Downsizing as children leave the nest? What shifts have occurred for you?

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