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Life is Peachy

The month of June kicks off the peach harvest in Texas. Who knew Texas was famous for peaches? We all thought it was Georgia. We were wrong.The valley that stretches from Fredericksburg to Stonewall, in the Hill Country is peach heaven. This is also the big wine growing region that runs along highway 290. Minerals in the soil here, along with a big temperature difference from day to night are perfect conditions for producing delicious, juicy peaches. (and grapes) .

There are dozens of roadside stands here selling baskets and boxes of peaches along with peach ice cream, preserves, BBQ sauces with peaches, peach cider- namely anything peachy. Some farms also have blackberries this time of year-end there are pick your own options for those looking for a delicious family activity.

The beginning of June brings in the first peaches which are cling peaches and white fleshed varieties . As the month progresses there are semi- cling. That is they cling to the pit when they aren't quite ripe, but fall away from the pit when ripe. Lastly there are freestone varieties well into July. These are deeply blushed skin peaches.

The smell in these farm stands is heavenly, and all grades of peaches are sold. Ripe, almost ripe, small ugly runts to big fat juicy blemish free, the range of prices is just as enormous.

And if you've never had freshly made peach ice cream, I'd suggest you try it.

The roadside stands are reminiscent of my youth, growing up in New Jersey and it will be interesting to see the varieties of vegetables, melons, pumpkins and other delights that continue to be available throughout the season . This is my favorite way to buy fruit and they are happy to give you a slice to try before you buy which never happens in a grocery store. Tonight we're having peach shortcake for dessert.

Do you love peaches? Do you have a favorite peach dessert? Do you have a farm stand where you live?

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