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Home and Garden

With chocolate on hold right now, due to no commercial kitchen, I’ve looked at other ways to make money. I often sign up to do focus groups or independent jury trials and these pay $30-60/hr. You are compensated in Amazon gift cards which are always useful. I’ve thought about other ways to make money without taking on a full time job. Health issues discount me being on my feet all day and where I currently live until the tiny home is built is a remote huge commute.

I’ve had a lifelong interest in plants, and once applied for and got accepted to the Cal Poly Horticulture program in San Luis Obispo. My employer at the time offered me a huge raise to not go and in the end I didn’t. But the interest never waned. My gardens have always been about flowers as opposed to vegetables and I used to enter my own hybridized daylilies and cactus collection in the State Fair, bringing home many blue ribbons.

Recently on Instagram, I stumbled upon a Mexican clay artist that makes unique terra cotta planters. The planters are faces, or little characters. They are typically planted with cactus and succulents. I found myself going back to them again and again. Finally I contacted him and I will be importing these from Mexico . I will sell them planted or unplanted. Texas has a lot of “Trade Days” These are markets in various towns held on 3 day weekends. Fredericksburg is one of the most popular but they are all over on different weekends. At these markets you will find an eclectic mix of antiques, boutique clothing, jewelry, crafts, food products etc. So the plan is to get a vendor space at an upcoming market and display the planters along with some other compatible items. I am hoping that working 2 weekends a month that this type of venue will supplement my social security check without the need for a regular job. Besides I love the energy at a trade fair and the interesting people you meet. I may even take these planters up to Albuquerque for the SW Chocolate and Coffee Festival in Sept where we can mingle the rest of our bar , drinking chocolate and truffle inventory.

Check out Caradeplanta on Instagram and let me know if you like his planters. I think they are adorable. Especially with some weird plants like these:

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