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Happy Thanksgiving

Alert: medical issue here…Well I’ve had an extremely wonky month and am grateful to be here writing today. It all started with a kidney stone which in and of itself was unwelcome and excruciatingly painful. A couple days later, I developed some kind of cough. I take a blood thinner and that, high blood pressure and the coughing ruptured some vein in my lung. That sent me to the ER . They ended up admitting me and I was there for 4 days. They tested me for Covid because of the cough but it was negative. It appeared to just be a freak “perfect storm” that caused the bleeding and it had stopped that first day.

4 days in the hospital is never fun but I was impressed with St David’s In Austin. By far one of the best hospital experiences I’ve encountered. It was actually quiet enough to get a decent nights sleep and all the staff were pleasant. Even the food was pretty decent! It was like ordering room service in a hotel. Because of some irregular heartbeat they decided to do a nuclear stress test on my last day there. Now hoofing it on a treadmill after 4 days of laying in bed with a congested lung isn’t my idea of a fun morning but I passed the test and they released me.

A friend came and picked me up. She had to stop at the Apple store and get her phone fixed so we had a couple appetizers while we waited for that. I was pretty tired by this time and it started to rain. We headed home and some 16 yr old kid in a truck with 3 weeks of a driving permit crossed the intersection and slammed into us. Because of the rain we were going fairly slow but still it sent us across the shoulder onto a slight embankment, grazing the concrete base of a lamp pole along the way.

Seat belts work and thankfully no blood or broken bones but full of nasty bruising all along the chest/sternum and upper back from the restraint of the seat belt. Another trip to the ER for Xrays….

I’m now going to some physical therapy which both hurts and helps. It feels like I lost a month of time, which in a sense I did. I had a chocolate tasting scheduled at a church and showed up or it but without all the products I would have normally to make some money, so that was disappointing. I have slowly started to make a little bit of chocolate and ship it out to my “Pay It Forward” folks who so graciously advanced me orders in April. I you were part of that you should get a box of chocolate but it never hurts to send an email and remind me your address. My list is not as complete with address’ as I’d like it, and along with a move in April I may have missed a couple people. (

This year’s chocolate is a delicious Venezuelan chocolate .I will have a little room in my schedule to take a few extra orders if you want to ship a 15 pc box to anyone, contact me. The price is $60 which includes the shipping.

Bulk chocolate and shipping costs both increased this year, but the chocolate is delicious and pretty as ever and delights anyone who receives it. I also have smaller 8 pc boxes for $23 each, but the shipping of course, adds another $12.($35 total ) You can fit 4-5 of them in a med flat rate box though for $17.

As always I appreciate all my customers and the support this year. I am not able to open a storefront but will continue to make seasonal chocolates only- so Valentines and Mother’s Day. If you have a need for a larger order of boxes for an event at any time, feel free to email me to discuss. Summers will not work though- Texas is ungodly hot and I’d be afraid, even with gel ice to ship during the summer.

Enjoy this holiday season with those around you. It’s what matters most.

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