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Dentist in Mexico Part 2

My problematic tooth broke so I couldn’t put off treatment any longer. I made an appointment with Dental Clinic Acuna in Ciudad Acuna , Mexico. The border town of Del Rio is where I stayed for the night. Del Rio is about 35,000 population and has numerous hotels and shopping. I stayed at the Whispering Palms motel, an older local independent motel. The owners were friendly and helpful, letting me leave my truck in lot while I went off to my appointment. There are taxis you can take across the border or you can drive in to Acuna. The Taxi is not cheap , but you can also walk across and get a taxi on the other side. I had the dental clinic give me a ride from my motel since the owner lives in Del Rio. They charged me far less. The border crossing was quick and uneventful, They didn’t even ask to see my passport going into Mexico. Going back is a little different, as you need to show your passport and declare if you purchased any goods. The dental office was pleasant but not as luxurious as an office in the US. I filled out a medical history and got an X-ray of my problem side. The X-ray room was in the back and set in a bare room by itself. The actual dentist was a female who does a lot of children’s dentistry. So the room was colorful with graphics aimed at kids. She did a thorough examination of my teeth and gums and recommended a treatment plan. First a 2 part deep cleaning to get plaque along and under the gum line. She then applies something to help keep the gums from receding. I was also given a special rinse solution to do before bed that was for the gums. Only my broken tooth needs a root canal and crown. The other crown I was worried about is fine and just needed a good cleaning at the gum line. The X-ray showed it was not infected and nor did it hurt. There was a tiny infected pocket on the broken tooth. The US dentist had given me an antibiotic in Nov that had cleared most of it up. Just to be safe they prescribed another 2 week low dose antibiotic which I had filled at the pharmacy a block away for about $10. My next visit is the 7 th of April . A specialist will come over and do the root canal after the woman dentist does part 2 of the gum cleaning. They will rebuild the tooth with a post and temporary crown, likely 2 weeks later I’ll go for the final crown. All that work will be $690. Of course I have travel expenses to stay 1 night and drive there, buts it a 21/2 hr drive one way which is not too bad. Aspen Dental wanted close to $5k for the same work. Everyone in the dental office spoke English and called me the day before to confirm the appt. Stay tuned for part 3 in a couple weeks.

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