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December 2021

A happy Thanksgiving to all as we enter December and kick off the holiday season. This is my first holiday season I am not working 7 days a week and 10 hours a day. It feels really weird. I know my feet will be happy about it but honestly I miss the rush of the holidays- creating festive and delicious truffles, visually pretty boxes and knowing that you put a lot of smiles on peoples faces in doing so. I see my other chocolate friends putting out their work and feel a bit wistful. Oh well, maybe next year I’ll have a kitchen to work in.

This year though we did do a run of our most popular and award winning Dark Milk Chocolate bars. They are 60% Cacao and the flavors are Prickly Pear/Hibiscus and Lime, Rise N Shine- with Caramelized Pinon Nuts, NM Red Chili and a hint of coffee, and the Chaco Bar with roasted cacao nibs and Red Clay salt. These bars are available in a set of three , either all one kind or 1 each of the three, or by the case of 12, again all one kind or a mix of 4 each of three flavors.

You can visit our website to order. A set of three bars can ship first class mail. A case needs to go Priority Mail or Fed X.

My vanilla is pretty much sold out until the next batch is ready in February. This vanilla is a far cry from the grocery store vanilla. It is made with Grade A Madagascar vanilla beans extracted in premium Ketel One or Reyka Vodka, and some in Captain Morgan white Rum. Vanilla can take 6-12 months to extract properly and back in the summer when I thought I’d be moving soon, I didn’t put up enough bottles. If you are interested in future vanilla, drop me a line. I’ll also be making vanilla paste ,which can be used similar to extract in baking.

Current extract pricing is $18.00 for a 4 oz bottle straight extract and $36.00 for an 8 oz that contains a whole bean inside as well. Vanilla is a fluctuating market and premium beans are always in high demand. The sad beans you see in bottles or tubes for sale in the grocery store are not grade A, plump and oily beans. I can sell you whole grade A beans for $6.00 each if you want them for baking or custards.

Planters- I have the clay planters available for Xmas presents. Put a smile on someone’s face with one of these. They are made from Oaxacan clay and made by artist Isai Pineda in Cuernavaca Mexico. Until Dec 4th I am offering free ground shipping on any order , shipping to a single address. You can purchase these by contacting me and then using Venmo or Paypal to pay. After Dec 4th shipping will be about $15-18.

Best address to contact me is ( this is not my papal address)

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