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A Plea to "Pay it Forward"

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Plea to Pay it Forward

Dear friends and customers,

This is really awkward for me but I’m faced with some financial challenges trying to get my housing stabilized, and my chocolate business back up and running part time. I urgently need your help. Please read on to see how you can help with a Pay It Forward Chocolate Truffle Order.

My Story

As many of you know, Derek and I had to close our chocolate business December 2020 due to New Mexico Covid-19 restrictions. Although we received some government assistance during that time, it was too little too late, and we were pretty much wiped out financially.

Where I’m Currently Living

A close friend of mine had an aunt and uncle with a recently diagnosed medical challenge. They urgently needed help. Since there was no work in Santa Fe, I moved to Texas to assist them. I prepare evening meals, run errands, food shop and support them at medical appointments. I live in a guesthouse on the property. We are in a very rural location, so it’s been a challenge to find any additional work, except some tutoring I do on-line for Ecole Chocolat. The guesthouse is without a kitchen, and is not suitable for me to make my truffles. I had to sit out Christmas and Valentines this year, which are my most profitable holidays.

The Good News

I found a 55+ tiny house community starting up near Austin, Texas and decided to have an affordable park model home built. The build time originally 4-6 months turned into a year with pandemic shortages of materials and labor.

The Reason for Immediate Ask

Over the last 6 months the cost of my tiny home unexpectedly increased by almost $10,000. The home is coming mid -March and I still have building requirements to complete. I’m beyond the bottom of my financial bucket. Today, I received notice that because of rising gas costs, my delivery cost will an additional $600! Getting my chocolate business running again to supplement my social security is a priority.


Texas encourages small business without a lot of rules and regulations, so I will soon be able to make chocolate again and sell at numerous farmers markets, an artisan co-op or on-line. I'm exploring all the options in my new location.

Pay it Forward

Rather than ask purely for donations, I am asking for your urgent help to “pay it forward“ by ordering my chocolate truffles. I will return any payment given to me now with equal value chocolate truffles any time after September 2022. (after the summer heat wave and I’m settled in my home) This will help me get back on my feet financially and get my chocolate business back and for all of you to enjoy.

How You Can Help Now

Truffle boxes are valued at $25, $50 or $80 each. Configurations are 8 pc, 12 or 15 pc and 24 pc. I can also add in some premium vanilla extract I’ve made over the last year for $20 for an 8½ oz bottle with a whole bean. Packaging and bulk chocolate, have seen a 20% increase and supply disruptions this year as well so I can’t yet promise what those exact boxes will be, but I will meet those price points with the best box possible.

Shipping will have to be part of the value equation but most of it fits in a medium priority rate box for $15 to one address. Boxes will be my usual assorted flavors and some new caramels. You can communicate any preferences like “no nuts”.

How to Order

My plea for assistance is urgent. You can private message me your order via text at 808-557-5358 or email Please tell me how many boxes you’d like to purchase, if you want vanilla added and include the shipping. I’ll need your full address, email and phone number. I can notify you in the fall to get address or if there are any gifts being sent. Your orders are my priority. When the holiday’s roll around I may or may not open additional orders. I have just so much capacity at this time.

How to Pay

I do not have a website with a Visa/MC payment processor at this time.

You can send payment via PayPal ( using your credit card or Venmo @Melanie- Boudar. I can also accept a personal check. Ask for my address.

There is also the option to pay by Zelle. My phone number for Zelle is my cell- 808-557-5358.

Additional Support

If you wish to make an anonymous or known donation without chocolate you can use my GoFundMe link ( That platform does not allow rewards for donations but I am most grateful for anyone’s help in this challenging moment.

I Appreciate All of You

The world is so troubled right now and I feel swallowed in the depth of all these uncontrollable and tragic events. Chocolate helps! Thank you all for your consideration and support of my ability to continue to make chocolate.

You can subscribe my blog for updates. Or Instagram @chocolatehomestead

Thank you,

Melanie Boudar

Chocolate Homestead


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1 Comment

Mar 09, 2022

Hi Melanie, I paid it forward and wishing you well. Hope you can raise the $$ you need. I'll check back with you soon again! Think of you always, Jill 🍀

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